Sunday, June 5, 2016


 The movers couldn't get everything in the big truck, so we are not finished moving. We'll have to rent a truck to bring the big flower pots full o'hosta, all my canvases, all my fabric, all the rest of my kitchen stuff, and Dave's workbench and lawn mower.
But we decided to postpone the rest of the move and enjoy a relaxing three day weekend.
OK I am over being relaxed and have moved furniture around several times already in various configurations, and I am not quite ready to call it settled. Just now I moved a lot of stuff out of the hall closet and into the garage, on a rolling rack. What will be put in that closet? Hmmm. It should be something linen-y, like blankets, functional quilts, pillows, table cloths, towels and stuff like that.
The studio is once again in the master bedroom space and even that room seemed crowded, so I moved the currently empty fabric shelves into the master bath/laundry room and feel a whole lot better. Now I have an empty wall in the studio where I can install my design wall again.
Across from the fabric shelves is the chest of drawers that holds my bed sheets, and not much else.
I am thinking that it is going to get a new function: the site of my fused fabrics and WIPS. My current chest is showing signs of drawer fatigue. Since it is an IKEA cheapie, which we got in the scratch and dent room, I don't feel bad about waving bye-bye to it. 
The material is chipboard and has disintegrated to the point that the screws are coming out and the drawers drop down if I am not careful. It is really not worth fixing and I have a nice dumpster right across the street which will gladly take it. I like getting rid of stuff just as much as getting stuff.
I should be done with this move this coming week, God willing, and then maybe, just maybe I can get back to doing something creative. My friends and family keep mentioning that the place looks empty without art on the walls, but that would be the finishing touch and we just aren't there yet. Everything in good time.


  1. It might not be worth fixing to you but someone might be able to use it. Seems a shame to consign it to a dumpster and eventually to a land fill. It really isn't beyond redemption.

  2. i love watching your re-arranging adventures - I like to do the same myself - and we really should have a good clear out of not needed furniture, presently dealing with shelves of magazines, papers etc. Look forward to seeing your studio set up.

  3. I'm glad you are giving yourselves a break. It's an exhausting process, even if it is also exciting. I hope you have a lovely relaxing time while you regain strength.

  4. So the master bathroom won't be used for steamy showers I take it. Wouldn't that be hard on the fabrics? I love arranging things.

  5. How old is that red dresser? How long do things from IKEA even last? So many things that used to last a hundred years or more now are built to last a very short time.

    1. It turns out that we fixed the red chest and now it is holding the TV and storing lots of quilts. Liquid nails in the loose screw holes made all the difference. Glad I kept it...