Thursday, September 29, 2016


Yes, we signed the contract and we close on October 26th, God willing. What a relief!! We are happy with the deal, price wise and even happier to know we can put owning two houses behind us. We've finally found our proper place in Chattanooga.

So it was Dave's birthday and we had steak, sweet potatoes, pan grilled zucchini and poblano peppers and corn. For a birthday cake, I bought Dave a cheesecake sampler. His fave. But I forgot to mention the wine. In June Dave's sister Carol and her husband Dan had left us with a wonderful bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain, 14 %, I haven't had any wine since June, and 8 ounces later and I was tucked into my bed at about 3 in the afternoon.  Slept all night there and woke up at 5:30 to feed the hungry dogs. Some birthday.
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I watched this documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix and was convinced that we need to start eating more veggies and fruit and by we, I mean DAVE! He watched it too and said he would go along with me on this eating healthier path. So I ordered a juice extractor, because this way he can drink his veggies and get off the starch and sugar diet he lives on currently.
 We got this Cuisinart and it arrived five days early so we will start today. Lots of recipes are available online and I am off to the store to buy stuff I never used to buy. Woowoo!


  1. What a great birthday! It's always a relief to get the sale of a house behind you. I'll watch your juicing adventures with interest as we have one we never use.

  2. I bought a juicer a year or so, too! I ran to the grocery store and got tons of veggies and a little fruit, washed it bagged it and juiced like crazy for about a week. (Adding lemon juice makes everything better). It was delicious. It's been on the shelf on the pantry ever since!

  3. Lots of good news. I wish you luck on the juicer journey, I find drinking fruits and veg doesn't fill you up as eating them does but getting better nutrition into Dave will be accomplished, baby steps.

  4. I got a Vitamix instead of a juicer. Better to eat the fiber than throw it away (juicer). I just pile the fruit--peels (not citrus peels) ,cores (apples, pears and pineapple) and all into the Vitamix, add water and push the button. Out comes smooth juice--not pulpy--just like the stuff you pay $$$ for. And the Vitamix can make smoothies, soup and puree fruit for jam making. I even use the special dry container to make my own speciality flours--like fresh whole wheat and even rice flour for gluten free baking. It's out on the counter and in use all the time. And easy to clean. The first time you clean that juicer----well, you'll be returning it to the store.

  5. Congrats on selling the house! Now you can breathe easier with that out of the way. :)

    I can't drink wine (or wine coolers) any more because I take BP meds and as soon as I take even a sip...I get lightheaded and my heart start racing! So, instead of drinking it...I add a little to spaghetti sauces or chicken dishes :)

  6. The birthday eats and wine sound delicious - like Colleen I can't drink wine for exactly the same reasons - BP meds! Congratulations on selling the house, hope all goes according to plan and on the 26th October you will no longer own two houses.

  7. Congrats on selling the house.

    Be wary of the juicing. It doesn't really replace eating fruits and vegetables.

  8. Congratulations on selling the house!

    I have a juicer and a Vitamix. The Vitamix I think is better for smoothies. I like my juice cold and if you let the fruit and veggies in the Vitamix too long without adding more ice it will get warm from the friction. I will have to say I don't use my juicer enough. I do use my Vitamix for making hummus, soup, smoothies, and grating hard cheese.

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