Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Juice Fast: Day Seven

I have enjoyed every veggie/fruit juice drink I mixed, and have gotten my husband to drink some all-fruit concoctions. There was no hunger but I could tell when I was in need of my second juice meal if I waited too long, sort of a tired feeling. My weight has dropped from 32 pounds lost to 35 pounds lost and I've not had any coffee all week. Surprisingly no headaches either, which usually happen when I try and break the caffeine habit.
Another surprise if I can speak delicately, I expected to be in the bathroom often, like when one prepares for a colonoscopy, but no. Just regular regularity.
So my overall feeling is that this juice thing works. I feel great, but then I felt great before, so no real difference. It's not like I was hoping for a great weight loss, having already achieved my goal, so the extra three pounds lost only makes me feel like I need a belt to keep my pants up.
I was bothered by all the food going down the drain, so put some in the front garden bed and covered it with dirt, hoping it will decompose.
And I bought blemished fruit since it was way cheaper and much riper, especially the pears which taste so good in juice.

And now I think I will go back to solid food even tho this was to be a week long fast, I believe I have made a go of it, and would easily return to it should I need to correct my diet.
So I am celebrating...35 POUNDS LOST!!!


  1. Great Celebration !!!!! The micros and what not in the soil will love your contribution.... even the left over solids from any future "juice".

  2. Well done Melody, but why don't you use a juicer that pulverises the fibre and uses it too? As you say, otherwise all that good stuff is going down the drain, and the fibre makes you feel full on less. I bought one that was a version of that thing shown on TV, the Magic Bullet, and it does a great job.

  3. Congrats! And that still sounds like a great way to get more fruit/veggies into your diet, even as a mid-day snack. As for the pulp, I know there are ways they suggest you can use it, but I like the compost idea too... all natural!

  4. I think you should juice at least 5 meals a week. Maybe lunch. A mix of juice and solid food sounds more sensible to me than drinking nothing but juice for a week.

  5. I think you've done an amazing thing, only drinking your meals for a week as eating is such a big part of our culture I would find doing that very difficult. But now you know how to deal with any pounds that may slip back before they get the upper hand. Now is the hard part, maintaining the weight loss. Congrats on your accomplishment.

  6. Wow! Congratulations on your weight loss and accomplishment. It is very inspirational:-)