Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bosna #2 front and back

 Bosna #2 top, 70x80" hand dyed and commercial cottons, machine pieced, unquilted so far...

Reverse of Bosna #2, commercial cottons, machine pieced.
74x 82", large enough to have something to hold when I quilt it.

This back was so fast and easy to make, that it was done in one day by 3pm.
I think I may make another back like this while the fabric is pulled, and then quilt these two sides of Bosna #2 later. My goal is to use up lots of fabric. It feels wonderful to sew up these strips, squares, and bits of leftover patchwork. I have been spray starching everything as I go, and that makes the fabric crisp and wonderful to sew. 50% liquid starch, 50% water in a spray bottle.


  1. Don' your dyed fabrics and KF collective fabrics look beautiful together!! I love both back and front. Thanks for the tip of 50% starch and the equivalent of water, for some reason I have difficulty finding liquid start he in NZ, I shall continue looking.

  2. The equivalent here in Oz is called Fabulon, perhaps you have it in N.Z?

  3. I love your shift in focus and the results! Making quilts should be fun! I quit over 4 years ago because it was no longer fun. But you have inspired me to use up a huge fabric stash in a similar carefree approach. Thanks for all your posts!