Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dollar store needle storage

I've been researching circular needle storage ideas online and found just so many cute, expensive, elaborate and once again expensive versions. None of them looked like my idea of ease of use.
I did have a nice $20 Namaste pack that was just awful to use and I gave it away just to avoid the annoyance of trying to insert and find the right needles.
My happy $2 solution was at the Dollar Tree. A dollar for the basket and another buck for the Hefty zipper bags. I was the lucky recipient of many sets of needles ( from knitting quitters) and some I have never used including five sets of size 13 circulars!

 My screw-on needles came in a nice case which wasn't so nice to use (again) and I like this version in a snack size baggie. In another zip baggie I have the needle sizing gadget, so I am sure what choice needle I am making. Included also is a scissor, tapestry needle, extra cables, nail file, stitch holders and crochet hooks for weaving in ends.

 My double pointed needles have their own case, and since I rarely need them these days, it is pretty easy to scramble through the lot in a quest for the right set.
I do have some straight needles...but I can't find them, so nevermind. 


  1. I don't have that many and keep them in the cases they came in. I do have a set of cheap plastic circulars I'm using right now but they stay in the pockets in the back of my huge case. It says annaconn distribution on the front but I'm not sure that's the company that made it. It's the size of a briefcase and has a three ring system inside. I've got "pages" of variously configured pockets that have grommet reinforced holes so they turn easily. It holds every needle I own except for my OOAK artist wooden needles which I keep in a separate case. I bought it for Tunisian crochet hooks but it holds everything. I can't remember where I bought it as it was years ago but I'm glad I did and apparently bought extra "pages" for it too because now I don't see it anywhere.

  2. Brilliant! Sometimes the best solutions are the ones that are the least complicated.... Love your needle storage conclusion! It inspires me do something similar with my needles that are now all in a disarray!

  3. I bought those zippered lencil cases that are supposed to go into a notebook, but instead I put them into a knitting bag with the holes fkr the notebook down and the zippers standing up. For each bad I made a zipper pull that I made a "charm" out kf Peltex scrap and with a Sharpie marker I wrote both the Usa and mm size on the "charm". In each zippered pouch I put my circular needles and my double pointed needles. I have several of each size needle, so starting with size 00 all the way up to size 19 Usa sizes. That is a lot of zippered pouches! Plus an extra pouch to hold cable needles, stitch markers, etc. It's portable too. The pattern for the knitting bag I used also has pleated pockets all around the outside. It was a McCalls or Simplicity or one of those latterns you can find at JoAnn fabrics when they have their 99 cent sale on patterns. I keep my straight needles that I hardly use anymkre in a fabric case I made that rolls up closed.