Sunday, January 8, 2017

Little Projects

 My knitting student sister Brooke, is going great guns. I am sooooo proud. She'll be sharing my vast yarn stash in the future.

 I saw this tutorial on making pillowcases on Pinterest and decided to make a few...four sets of two and five individual cases. So fun and addictive. 

 I've been dying to knit some baby clothes and this goes to the granddaughter of my pal Mary.  It is really a buttery yellow not like this vanilla looking color.
 Such a fun little knit. It took only a few hours and now it is ready to share.


  1. Adorable little sweater. You are so clever!!

  2. I envy your knitting abilities. I did some knitting a long time ago and seem to have lost the knack. I keep dropping stitches and don't find them until much later. Sigh. So I do some crocheting, but nothing fancy. I am in awe of what you produce with your needles. Very beautiful!

    1. Holly, there is a simple fix for dropped stitches, no matter how many rows you discover them later:
      It happens to the best of us, watching TV and not paying attention!

  3. Melody, Love the little sweater! And, of course, the beautiful colorful adult sized sweaters you knit! And, of course!!!!, your beautiful quilts! Is there any chance you would share the pattern for the little sweater?

  4. I love those pillow cases Melody! I might just need to make some in the near future.