Friday, February 3, 2017


 Now that I am happy with my final Cardivest design, I am ready to play with more variations. The yarn needs to be the star so I am choosing to switch from all garter stitch, to stockinette with garter stripes. My apologies to non-knitters for the jargon in this post.
This drawing helped me get to the satisfying result of Cardivest #4 and has a sketch for a long sleeved pullover, should I ever need to do that.
Then the next ideas that didn't appeal to me, which I determined after trying a few swatches and ripping them out. It takes that sometimes, and I am willing to do it because there is nothing like seeing it in yarn vs. just in a drawing.
 At 2 am I woke with the idea that I will take forward. This one features vertical striping on the front and back, horizontal stripes on the side panels, no seams (important to me) and again only 7 cast on stitches to start the knitting! At this point I haven't determined if it will have buttons or be a pullover.
The stockinette shows the gradual color change effect I desired and the contrast gray will be repeated throughout the garment.
The multi yarn is Tangier, 47% silk, 19% acrylic, 17% rayon, 17% cotton, and the gray is Avalon, 50% cotton, 50% acrylic.


  1. Read it and so glad you are having fun.....

  2. Have you considered a Dolman sleeve rather than the tapered long sleeve? These are beautiful and makes me wish I had the patience to knit.