Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Flippin' Format

These are 16 blocks from a set of 36 that I made in 2015. Never got around to doing anything with them. But since my class/demo of Quilt as you go, I got excited about using these in a flip and sew format. 

 Off the top of the pile I just picked the first four blocks. Each measures 16" and with connecting strips I can make the section a tiny bit larger, equaling nearly 32" after quilting. Thinking with my math brain for a minute, four sets of these will make a big 64" quilt but if I add borders I can make it closer to 72x84" which is a decent size twin quilt.

 The backing will be four one yard pieces of fabric, either from my stash or newly purchased (heehee!) I am wanting another yellow quilt and just don't have enough yellow in prints so I must shop. One yard will yield a good amount of leftover fabric, which can be incorporated into the center cross sashing, plus borders and binding. Economical, yes? 

 So where does the flipping come in? I think the center cross sashing will be stripped and flip and sew quilted. All of these pieces will be joined, with narrow connecting strips, quilt as you go fashion. Easy peeesey!

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