Friday, March 10, 2017

Getting Ready

So much going on here at Chez Johnson, including GARDENING!!! Today, once I got cleaned up from shoveling new dirt into the flower beds, transplanting things and making room for new plants, I got back into the studio. Putting the demo quilt together on the design wall took less than an hour, but I had put it off all month. Now I have pulled out the previous examples of QAYG quilts that were under the bed, in the closet and hiding away from use. Looks like I have plenty of samples of finished work.
 I love that the quilting ended up being an Ohio Star in the center of each block
 The front and back of the QAYG demo quilt. For more info on this process see my old blogpost.


  1. I love the tiny sashing ! ohio star is a great pattern.
    Congrats on combing New and traditional in a sample quilt.
    Lucky folks that attend your class!!

  2. I agree, the sashing kicks it up a notch, bam!

  3. Love this. That great fabric looks amazing with such a simple pattern/construction! Always inspiring!