Saturday, May 13, 2017

QAYG Hot off the presses!

Last week I became determined to finish this quilt and quilt another one by today, for our Arty Girls meeting. But life got complicated and I only got this one done, just now.
It's made from scrappy blocks that I pieced at my old house about two years ago. I quilted it in sections and used narrow connecting strips to join the sections. Then I decided it wouldn't be wide enough to cover my 14" deep mattress, so I add a six inch strip down the center. Now it measures 70x96", just right. 
I refer to this as an ABC quilt...meaning already been chewed, which it hasn't been yet, but I presume it will join a closet full of other quilts with little doggie holes from our Tony.


  1. Excellent solution to up size a quilt Melody! i love the "sew and quilt as you go" things that you do.
    AND the brilliant array of your dyed fabric along with fabrics selected from folk like K.F...... Brilliant!!