Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Finished Bosna #4

 Bosna #4. Hand dyed and commercial cottons, machine pieced and machine quilted. 66.5"x 64". This turned into a rather long and involved quilting project. After quilting the first orange square and its borders, I was faced with deciding what to do with the rest of the piece. Hmmm.
The second block was the purples and since it was more rectangular in shape, I decided on two circles. Using the smaller dinner plate as my circles, I dinked around with more feathers. I photographed it hanging slightly off my table to catch the shading. Dark colors are hard to shoot.
Next was the green square, and I was feeling adventurous. I used a soap sliver to denote the squiggles and quilted next to them, leaving the squiggles empty, but they kept looking messy, so eventually I returned and quilted them too, in a lighter green. This photo is tweaked in Picasa to show the texture.

 The last square is a hand dyed blotchy teal, and was quilted in offset rings of plumes.

And then lots and lots of skinny rows of border quilting.

  Bosna #4 was quilted on my Janome 6500P, so I guess I am convinced that I don't have to have a fancy schmancy quilting machine...O well.


  1. I say your quilting on this project was very successful! I think it's smashing!!!!

  2. Your quilting is just gorgeous. How fun it must be to be able to FMQ like that!

  3. Having that table set up really helps the quilting on a domestic.Bosna is a great quilt, and a great name (thought of the river in Bosnia), that has alotta thread quilting it. Do you have a fav thread,top and bottom that you prefer?

  4. How do you get that quilting so smooth?
    Love it!

  5. Your quilting is so beautiful! I love it!