Friday, June 2, 2017

16 x 16 Finished

 With my newfound confidence I decided to quilt wreaths for the turquoise squares, with half wreaths for the outer triangles. 

 And after watching Margo Clabo's video several times, I decided to do a red faux piping binding. It is such a great video with lots of super tips, including a great way to connect the binding at the end. I learned so much.

Here's the finished quilt, 35" square. This quilt used 64 five inch squares, made into sets of two, sewn and cut to make 8 half square triangles.


  1. Brilliantly done!!! Can't wait to see it in person

  2. So "Melody" even though it's pieced! Such clear, beautiful colors. Great tutorial.

  3. Love the feather wreaths.

    And that red faux cording is exactly what it needs to set it off.

    When you say "red and turquoise" most people would say "eeeew" but you can see it really works. Like a bright, colorful Mennonite color combination.