Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I've been working on reducing my scraps which have gotten totally out of hand. Trying to use the abundance of 2 1/2" strips packed into several stash boxes. I found a tutorial which made it simpler to get right down to business. Cut 9 strips 8 inches long. Sew three sets of three and then trim and cut into 2 1/2 pieces. Arrange and sew again and voila, three new nine patches to add to the wall.
Sometimes the strip I pull out of the box is slightly too narrow, or I have a wider one and need to trim it down to 2 1/2". These go into another pile and will become quarter log cabin blocks.

 These require a little more sewing and choosing, but the variety is worth the effort. Some of these strips are really narrow, but that makes nicer details and adds to the fun.


  1. Luscious!! Both of these are stunning.

  2. Thanks, Melody! I love to see your latest color combinations and patterns. Also, thanks for the recent family update. All of my fabrics are packed up as we will be moving soon, so this is how I get my quilting fix!!

  3. As always I love all your work. Love the 1/4 log cabin. Great idea for left over strips.

  4. Loving this colorful scrap-depletion project, Melody! Hugs,