Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back to the Bosna Series

Bosna #7
60x40", machine pieced unquilted top.
It turns out that this simpler design is much more challenging than a zillion 4 patches!

It's a little bit fussier than my previous Bosna designs, but I will regain my minimalism shortly, I hope. The thing I love about the Bosna quilts is their simplicity and strength of design, so wimpy little bits are distractions rather than additions. O well. As I look at these detail photos I see some pleasing shapes and good spacing. 

 I keep looking at the work of Harold Krisel (saved on my Pinterest board) as I try to pare down my elements into just the essentials. One of the intriguing facets of his work is the addition of a few low contrast colors, such as this pink stripe. It shows up in this photo but in real life is hardly there!
McCormick Gallery | Artists | Harold Krisel (1920 - 1995) 
Here's a great example of the low contrast in the elements of Krisel's painting.


  1. Melody, I just love your abstract designs - your sense of composition and contrast is brilliant! This quilt is beautifully designed.

  2. I also love Harold Krisel's work. I think this Bosna piece is very vibrant and you are on the right track. Just because it looks simple doesn't mean it is easy to make. I have heard several (or more) times people commenting on art that they could (or their kid could) do. But if they actually tried, I am sure they would find it much harder to do.

  3. Love to see you back doing this type of design.

  4. I find this more interesting than your previous Bosna pieces, and I think it's because of the 'fuss' you do so well. It's definitely more you. What the Bosna series seems to have given you is a bolder scale. This piece is very exciting! (You won't recognize my name because I've recently married. You know me as Charlene Lohmeier.)

    1. So happy to hear from you Charlene, and congratulations on your marriage. Email me!

  5. Yes, this is the Melody we're used to!! Love this piece and the pops of lime are superb.

  6. What a wonderful dose of Melody Johnson you've given us today! Thanks for this wonderful piece that is so "you!"