Friday, September 22, 2017

Bosna #7 Done-a-roo

Bosna #7, quilted! 
Moving right along, I am finishing up the unquilted Bosna tops and ready to start a new one.

Well....ready to put binding on the last three first. I admit that binding is my least favorite part, but alas, it does make the quilt really finished. So I cheat a bit by posting it at this stage.

What has helped me finish up quilting is this new sewing chair which is the correct height and fits my body perfectly. Sigh, at last!

I must tell you that I have recently discovered a new artist (to me) to further inspire the Bosna series.
Richard Paul Lohse, aren't these so delicious?
richard paul lohse - Pesquisa do Googlerichard paul lohse - Pesquisa do Google Richard Paul Lohse  Centre of four squares as result of four crossing rectangles 1952/1971  Oil/canvas, 120 × 120 cm    Richard Paul Lohse Foundation, Zürich


  1. This one is I think is my favorite! I love the wonkiness of the shapes and of course your wonderful color selection! The little bits of color subtle details are great!

  2. Another beautiful Bosna! It's so important to have a comfortable sewing chair, the one you have looks to have a good depth of padding on the seat and the back looks to have a nice curve to it, I have shocking back problems and really need to hunt out a better chair than the one I have presently.

  3. Lovely works!
    My MQG calls carefully trimming pics to not show the binding (because it isn't on yet) the "binding app." Sometimes you just want to share before the binding is on!

  4. Love your work. Thanks for keeping up with blogging.