Thursday, October 12, 2017

Better Lighting, Better Photos

Here are two fotos of the same quilt. The first was taken in my studio (with a single centered LED fixture) and the second was taken at the church in our new sewing room with florescent lights directly over the design wall . The lighting is sooooooo much better there, and I can really tell the difference. The second photo shows the quilting detail so clearly and the color is better too, no tweaking required! I brought two more quilts to shoot too, and they are below with the previous pix first.

To me the difference is HUGE, with the first one kinda blurry and the second one so much more sharp. The color is all off on the first one too, and just right on the second.  I am from now on going to take my photos at church instead of at home.

 Here again, the clarity is much better in the second picture and details are visible even with close-ups.

Just for fun, here are some detail shots, no tweaking required.


  1. Love the difference! I can see subtle color variations I didn't see in the earlier posts.
    Joan from Missouri

  2. Good lighting sure makes a difference. Love the quilting!

  3. What a difference!! Bet you're pleased you organised the sewing at church.