Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hitting the Jackpot

Ta Da! We found our little treasure and signed the contract today at 11am and will close December 4th. This sunroom clinched the deal.

The kitchen is just what I wanted. No more eating at the counter, and a brand new refrigerator is on order. The stove and dishwasher still have their tags inside.

The eat in kitchen is adjacent to the sunroom, and the formal dining room.

The staging folks placed area rugs, but there is no carpet in any of the rooms. REAL hardwood and ceramic tile floors.

Not a bit of brown, beige or tan. Silvery gray, which I love.
Three bedrooms upstairs, and a three full baths, one just off the kitchen!

And outside, a long covered porch, with a no fuss concrete floor.
And for the Pugs, a big fenced yard!

Adjacent to the sunroom is a brand new deck.

Upstairs, this bathroom is our master en suite.

The little master is just the right size for us.

The unassuming front view suits us just fine. We have mature trees for shade but which need a bit of trimming, and lots of space for hosta! A must for my garden. O, and the lot is FLAT. So rare.

 It must seem nutty to leave our pristine new designed-by-me yuppie home to go to a 52 year old home in a not as trendy neighborhood. The new/old house is much more homey, and even with its many to-do and fix-it needs, Dave is all excited about attending to them. I, on the other hand, have the Handyman Connection on speed dial.

We couldn't sleep and were up drinking coffee at 4:30am, reviewing each photo online and discussing which room would be the living room, sewing room and family room etc. At 6am we drove over there to see how many street lights would be shining in our bedroom window. Just one, far enough away to not be so awful. Here we have blazing street and factory lights which make the front bedroom seem like an all night grocery store

It was important to us that we spend wisely, and get something we could tweak and Johnson-ize. The fact that this house cost half of what our current house cost was cause for celebration. To say we have plans is putting it mildly. 
We wanted quiet and privacy and a yard again, as we both love to putter and the dawgs need to have safety and freedom to pee anywhere! The house is at the end of a cul de sac and close to all the places I already shop and bank and post stuff. The best part is it is still close to our church which was a major consideration. we are going to stage our current home and move some stuff to the new place in bits. Altho the square footage is larger in the two storey, we are still trying to downsize. Luckily, we still live in a construction zone and have three dumpster to take our trash. 

O, I forgot to say where my studio will be. In the living room! Yes. The dining room pictured above will work as the living room and we all know the sunroom will be the major hangout place, as it is heated and air conditioned. Those built in bookcases in the living room will soon be filled with fabric! Upstairs I will choose a bedroom for the yarn and art supplies and will shop from my stash.

We are giddy about our future.


  1. WOW! so glad you didn't settle for the beige. This place is awesome! so happy for you and Dave, you have your yard and everything! Enjoy!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Much more 'you' already, and highly Johnson-ize-able! The sunporch is fantastic, and the yard is *amazing*--the doggies will be overjoyed!

    So excited for you. Congratulations. (Near church is a huge plus also, I agree x infinity)

  3. IT is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see how you Johnson-ize it and make it your own...especially your studio space.
    Best wishes for a quick sale on your "old" house and an easy move into the "new" house.

  4. I love it! I'm definitely in favor of roomy, and the sunroom is fabulous! Congratulations on your treasure, and I hope your current place sells lickety-split!

  5. Just beautiful! Wonderful rooms and I love the little window in the corner in the master bedroom. So much space! And what a great kitchen. Three bathrooms? Perfect! It's so light and bright and yes, I'm a bit envious! And at half the price of your current home--what a bonus! Congratulations--what a find!

  6. Oh, that sunroom! I'd be living in there!

  7. Love your new house!!!! Can't wait to see what you plant in that yard! And the sunroom - to die for!!!! I'd bought it for the sunroom too!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations Melody, looks lovely!

  9. So happy for you.... and can't wait to see when it is Johnsonized!

  10. Wow. That is an awesome house. So open and airy. That sun room is perfect. Plenty of wall space to hang projects.

    Really fast closing too.

    This looks like it will be "the one."

    Hope the move isn't too stressful and that you bring over all of those lovely potted plants, plus have a chance to do some planting. Perhaps a kitchen garden close to the kitchen or sunroom.

    The dogs are going to love that yard.

  11. Beautiful new home! Congratulations. The sunroom is amazing. So happy for you both. Enjoy all the puttering at the new place. Look forward to seeing your new studio set up in that living room space.

  12. Certainly ticks the boxes! Now praying for the SOLD sign on your current home!

  13. A query - it looks like it's been given a thorough 'make-over' - will they have improved the insulation" That's a problem with makeovers here in New Zealand, where insulation was an Unknown 50 years ago, and so many old houses are very expensive (actually, let's be honest here - impossible ) to heat, and I'll bet our winters are mild in comparison to yours!

    1. Yes the home is insulated well. And our winters in the South are quite mild. It's the summers here that can get really hot.

  14. Congratulations!! Awesome house and lot. Love the room colors.

  15. best house ever! I love the idea of using the living room for sewing and the dining room for a living room. After all, the kitchen is right next door. congrats!

  16. Call me crazy but does the outside style of this house remind you of your old house.... the one on the hill (with lots of yard/land to care for)?

  17. Wow, that was fast. Looks lovely, so happy for you both. Looking forward to seeing you put your touches on it.

  18. Oh this is fabulous!!!! I can't get over the size of the rooms - and what a picture of the front view of the house. t's going to be hard to wait and see what you do colourwise.

  19. Looks beautiful! Lovely yard, deck and sunroom. And no carpet! You are right, location is so important. Have fun!

  20. Congratulations to you and Dave. Your new home-to-be looks wonderful. I know that you will make it even better. Judith P.

  21. What a fabulous find! I think using the living room for your studio and the sun room as the living room is a great idea. You will be on the same level as the kitchen so running back and forth from the sewing room will be convenient. The kitchen has lots of cupboards and that sun room is the bomb. I can just imagine myself sitting in a cozy chair watching the changing seasons. Congratulations!

  22. Congrats on the new house and happy moving in. Interesting that there is so little landscaping on a 52-year young house. Lots of scope for planting and gardening. Looks like a quiet neighborhood.