Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Stuff #2

It's been raining a lot and my regular coat isn't really working to keep me dry, so I thought I would look for an actual raincoat. Off to the thrift store we went and voila! I got me a bargain. A real trench coat that fits with the tags still attached. And the sleeves don't need to be shortened for my tyrannosaurus arms.  I beat the system with this price, originally $215 for $20! I love the thrift store.

 My second 'beating of the system' is this brandy new Kitchen Aid 5 qt. stand mixer. I looked online and saw prices that ranged from $339 to $160. Of course I went for the lower price. Plus I got a coupon that gave me $8 off and free shipping. Total, $152.00. I am thrilled with my new gadget.

 It has a dough hook so first I made bread, onion sunflower, poppy, sesame seed. Yum.

 And then breakfast pork sausage with our garden sage, marjoram and hot pepper flakes. 

 And for good measure, I had lots of small yellow delicious apples which I peeled and sliced, added lemon juice and cinnamon, brown sugar, mixed dried berries and walnuts, and melted butter. I then topped that melange with a spice cake mix, using the eggs, oil and water as directed and baked. So yummy and delish. 
So now back to the sewing room which I have been avoiding because it needs a good de-clutter. Loving our warm and wet November!


  1. love the trill of discovering a garment at a thrift shop
    just made for you and at bargain basement $$!
    The RED Kitchen aide sure does good work... great ways to procrastinate!

  2. Congrats. I've still got a trenchy type coat I bought on sale when in college. Marked way down but was too big. I wore it anyway. Now years and pounds later it fits perfectly. And yes, it's a raincoat.

    I just love when I have a coupon or other discount plus can get free shipping.

    Lately I've been holding out at the local drug store until I can get both a BOGO and a 30% off coupon.

  3. I used to own a raincoat....London Fog. Here in Fl. you can pretty much count on daily afternoon rainstorms in the summer. Nobody ever wears a raincoat (too hot) We just all go around with that "wet dog" look in the afternoons....

  4. If it's not a family secret, please share your bread recipe, it sounds delicious! Thanks!

  5. Killer deal on the raincoat. I once got a Kasper suit for $20.00 at the thrift store. You have never had a Kitchen Aid Mixer? They are the best. There are lots of attachments you can get - spiralizer, peeler, pasta maker etc. I got a green apple one for my DIL from the place in Ohio where they fix returned mixers. I got it for a song! I know you will enjoy yours especially since it is red!

  6. The thought of spice cake has my mouth watering. I don't think I've had a piece of that since I was in high school (many moons ago). Why did spice cake fall out of favor?