Thursday, December 21, 2017

Alberto The Magnificent

 Alberto installed our new front door which replaced a cold air leaking banged up mess, and this one is tight as a drum and so much prettier. He also installed a new door on our makeshift pantry/maintenance closet off the kitchen. I had the door open towards the kitchen this time so that it makes it easier to get at stuff. Dave will paint it white...someday.

 I had a second railing added for the staircase, for balance and to help us maneuver. We still have to carry Tony up and down, as he slipped once on the stairs and will not attempt another ascent. What a dog.
The most necessary new fix is the staircase into the garage. This was a serious trip hazard and now I can easily go back and forth without falling on my face, which I did, first thing! All of this was done in one and half days. Alberto will return January 2nd to rip out the tub in the middle bath and install the washer and dryer up stairs. It will take a week but is soooo necessary.
Here's an update on the drying out rib roast. Pretty awful looking, right?

1sl6b4.jpg (1136×852)
This roast is what it will look like as it gets trimmed, altho this one has been ageing for 35 days.
Here's hoping your holiday preparations are moving along smoothly. Santa is coming!


  1. Alberto sure is Magnificent! We had the electrician in yesterday to talk about wiring my new studio space; sure hope he has some magnificent genes.

  2. Let me know if Alberto ever decides to vacation in Southern California.

    That meat is looking amazing.

    Would Tony feel safer if the stairs had non-slip carpeting on them? Do they make little doggie elevator chairs?

  3. Alberto is a keeper for sure! It is wonderful to have a person that takes pride in their work and sees your vision. All of these little changes are going to make life so much easier for you and Dave. I found a roofer that is great. He noticed things that needed attention that I was unaware of (after all I don't spend much time on my roof! LOL!!) and took care of fixing them. He is gem! Now my floor refinishing guy, he did good work but we just didn't get along. Moving your washer and dryer upstairs will be so nice!

  4. We put a laundry room upstairs when we remodeled 35 years ago. You will love it! Also added a second railing two years ago after a broken ankle and many surgeries and it makes it much easier to go up and down the steps. My sewing room is upstairs, so I am up and down much more often than I would be doing otherwise :-)