Sunday, December 31, 2017

Before Pics

 Three weeks into the new house and I must say I am making it my own, at last. Baking in this kitchen works out just great. The counter space is much smaller than the other house and therefore contains my mess much better.
While this is not a house I would have ever dreamed of owning, it is turning out to be just what I want. And will be even better when the laundry room gets moved upstairs, starting Tuesday. 
The rooms are so functional and full of character, (read sloping, creaking floors) and unique spaces. Two closets have yet to hold anything. That will of course change. Because of its imperfections, there is no stress getting everything 'just so' and ready for prime time. When I see something that needs a fix, I just laugh and continue on my way. How did this all happen? It's a miracle.

 Yesterday I announced that Dave should move his art space upstairs, which I accomplished quite diplomatically. I told him that the lighting in the other room was much better for his artwork, emanating from a ceiling fixture and two bright windows. It already housed his stereo, guitars, and tv. Now the great big studio room is all mine, muahahaha! I might even spread out a bit more...

The living room is empty, as we have the furniture on display in the other house.

 The coziest room is the sunroom of course, and it will be even nicer when the tree is down, maybe by tomorrow.
Dave attacked the pantry/maintenance closet, and got distracted, upstairs. He'll be busy all day trying to find things. 
  I made him hold still for this before picture. The drawing table, rolling rack, all the art supplies and stuff have yet to find a place.

 So nice to have this mess up and away, out of sight.

The master bath is so big, it could house a party, so I decided the murder mysteries could live there. And there was this niche which probably had shelves in it prior to our move, and I found a perfect instant solution. These drawers are Sterlite, and two sets of 3 hold my lingerie quite nicely (and cheaply.)

Little Tony waits in the driver's seat for a ride to the doggie park, which is not gonna happen. Too cold for me, let alone doggies.
So for the last day of 2017, I am feeling pretty darn happy and hope you and yours will have a great,healthy and happy 2018!
Happy New Year, with love and peace


  1. One MUST have one's own studio space; and I've outgrown mine. DH is downsizing his shop and I'm taking over the enclosed 2 car garage, mwhahhhhhhaaaaaa indeed.

  2. I'm so happy for you. I love this house! I would basically live in the sunroom--it looks just perfect.

    Hurrah for more studio space gained with diplomacy.

    Love all the 'before' pics. My only question (to which you may not know the answer) would be: Why did Dave choose to partially cover one of his windows with his stereo equipment? He'll need that extra natural light, now, for his artwork.

  3. Our family dog growing up was named Tony, so I just love seeing photos of your Tony. Love, love, love the shot of him waiting in the driver's seat!

  4. Glad that you and Dave are getting settled in your new home. I don't know how you have dealt with all your moves, but it looks like you are a pro at figuring out where things go. Best wishes for the coming year and making your new old house your own. Judith P. from Paris

  5. Just love watching how well you're both handling this move...and am still amazed at how quickly it was accomplished!! I just put a loaf of your seed bread in for its first rise and had meant to tell you that that bread is KILLER! I've only done the savory version but am looking forward to trying a sweet version...and on Wednesday, I pick up my new Ankarsrum mixer which will allow me to easily make several of these loaves at once, some to give away to appreciative neighbors! Thanks, Melody for such a great recipe.

  6. It's good to have a home that is just what you need. I would love to have a sun room. I love the natural light and can do my best work by it. You are very fortunate. Happy New Year to you.