Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Challenge

 Carolyn, one of the gals in my church knitting group, the Knitwits, was given some fabric by her friend. The friend wanted her to make a quilt from these fabrics. The fabrics were very pale yellow, a print, a solid and a white eyelet. Carolyn brought the fabric to me and asked me to make a quilt (for pay) from these fabrics so she could in return give it to the donor. I said Yes, because I love yellow, and decided she could donate my fee to the church. 
But, and this is a big but...the three fabrics were way too uninspiring, so I asked if I could bring some other fabrics into the mix to add interest. In the end I didn't use any of the solid yellow or the eyelet and lots of yellow, green, purple, white and orange. It was fun to just play with scraps and see what happened and it only took a day to make the top, 44x54"

 Here's a close-up of the fabrics that I added. The original print also happened to be in the church's stash, so I didn't use a bit of the donated print. 

 That light yellow print was used as the binding also. The batting was a large scrap donated by one of my quilting pals, and therefore was also free. The only non-free part was my labor, but how can you call having fun labor? 
 I don't plan on making a habit of taking on challenges like this again. I kept thinking about what I would be making if I chose three fabrics from my own stash? We'll have to see.


  1. Very nice design and quilting. Your church must love you.

  2. So pretty....looks like Spring! :-)

  3. What if the fabrics the "donor' selected had great meaning to her? And they aren't in the quilt.

    1. The fabrics didn't have any meaning to the donor. She was getting rid of stuff she knew she would never use. Carolyn felt she would like to make a quilt for her, but decided it would never happen either, so that's where I came in.

  4. It's always amazing to me how you mix such eclectic fabrics into something wonderful.

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