Sunday, March 25, 2018

Easter Stole

Finished a week early (!!) an all white stole for our pastor Michael.  I really hope it doesn't drag on the floor or trip him up. I tried it on my husband and it works, phew! Pictured here is the before the piping and lining and lace is added.
I used some interfacing as the base and sewed the strips on alternating as I worked my way up. All white on white fabrics.
The back neck which may stay this way or have another bit of lace attached. We'll see what he thinks.

The finished look, with satin piping, and Battenburg lace which was just donated a week or two ago by a new member of our Knitwits group. In fact all of this fabric was donated by members of the church.


  1. Fabulous! And I love that all the fabrics and trims were donated. Many hands... really special.

  2. Lovely to use the community's fabrics Mel. And doesn't it look fabulous!!
    Just a thought. I sometimes put a fine cord across the back of the neck - almost from shoulder to shoulder, but a little further down, to stop the back of the stole riding up. It is only needed with some people - depends on the lie of their neck and shoulders. Hunchbacks, or those who stick their chin forward are the most likely to have a problem with it sticking up.

  3. Amazing creation! Your talents are endless.

  4. That is fabulous that the community donated to the stole.

    Is Michael newly ordained that he doesn't have all of his ecclesiastical wear? Will you and the group be doing the rest of the liturgical seasonal stoles?

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