Monday, May 7, 2018

Patio, Plants and Jubilation

Nick and Carlos finished filling the beds with the (most delicious dark chocolate cake) soil at 2pm on Friday and I went right to work planting the garden, finishing up around 2pm on Saturday. I took a break to sleep while dark. But as early as I could see, I returned to the joyous task.
On the left is the hot (colored flowers) bed, the center is the cool bed and on the right is the white bed.
The white bed also has herbs at the front, since I had fewer white flowers available to plant. Herbs include basil, thyme, sage, and fennel. White perennials in this bed are poppies, specimen daisies, coneflower, iris and phlox. Still waiting to buy  a flat of white impatiens or similar annual for the back cubbies. Front cubbies hold white begonias, and backed with wave petunias and vinca.
The cool bed has blue and purple flowers (I hope) but the foxglove and delphiniums are not ready to flower, so I can't say what color they are. Of course the foxglove won't be blue, but it will be tall so I put those along the back. Salvia, several varieties,  hardy geraniums, veronica, baptisia and a few petunias in this bed. But plenty of space for more blue flowers as the shopping continues. Little sprouts of zinnias fill the cubbies in back but the front cubbies are still empty.

It's totally easy to find hot colors in both annuals and perennials.  Stargazer lilies, coneflowers, poppies, coreopsis, achillea, speedwell, canna, hardy geranium, phlox, rudbeckia, lupins, kniphofia, yarrow are the perennials. Annuals include nasturtiums, zinnias, verbena, begonia, petunias, calibrachoas, asters, marigolds and whatever else I have squeezed in there. I really like Profusion Zinnias, as they form a nice clump. I might have to move a few of these to give the others more space.
Nick moved soil to the front of the street facing bed so I could plant daylilies and more perennials between. We've moved the hydrangeas and hostas to the shade already, but they will have their own 'berm' against the fence in the near future.
 The four clematis continue to bloom and the will be placed against the yet to be installed fence surrounding this part of the garden.

 This pretty much ends construction phase one of the garden, and then the big veggies bed will be constructed, starting at the end of this week. Or so I was promised.
But first this pile of debris has to go...


  1. Your new garden area is looking wonderful! I can't wait to see it in a few months when things are bigger and blooming!

  2. Things are moving along very colourfully for you.

  3. Can you grow lobelia or ageratum? They're blue and low and would work in the front of the cool planter.

    You can't grow clivias? My Mom's are blooming a wonderful vibrant orange. And no fuchsias? They have uprights that do well in shade and filtered sun. All sorts of colors.

    That was a ton of work you did in a 24 hour span, with breaks for food and sleep.

    Have you given up on your Scandinavian berm of composting stuff?

    Will the new fence be enough to keep the deer from tasting the new buffet or don't you have deer?

    Any plans for "working" trees? The kind that produce edibles like peaches or apples or lemons?

  4. Your questions are great blog fodder which I will attempt to answer after my nap. Or tomorrow's nap.

  5. Thank you for sharing your joy. Your garden will be beautiful!
    Donna Akins

  6. WOW Jubilation for sure..... and planned color..... you take this very seriously..... great work.

  7. Please keep posting your garden photos this summer - I want to enjoy every stage of what will be a MAGNIFICENT garden soon!!!! You inspire me to go home and plant!!!! This will be your favorite spot of all!!!!! Love it!!!