Friday, June 15, 2018

Tabbed Slippers

 My church group, the Knitwits make lots of knitted and crocheted items for charity, and all the while I have been attending, I didn't find a project I could really settle on and make repeatedly until now. Bed slippers, for those who aren't ambulatory, are in hospice or whatever, have become my project. Looking at lots of patterns, I wanted something fast, simple and mindless, since I am always busy gabbing at our meetings and can't pay attention to written patterns. And I wanted no sewing and just a few stitches to cast on. Of course I couldn't find anything that met that criteria so I made up a pattern.

 Tabbed Slippers
light worsted or dk weight yarn
size 6 needles (double pointed)
one size adjustable

cast on 6 stitches and knit in garter st for 34 rows or 17 ridges
bind off but do not break yarn.
With dpns, Pick up stitches along the sides and bottom of the tab, forty stitches.
knit in garter for twelve ridges and then join on 4 dpns to knit in the round. Knit for about two inches and then begin decreases for the toe. I like to put (20) half the stitches on one needle and ten each on two more needles.
To decrease, starting on front right K1, ssk, knit to within 3 sts of end of row, k2tog, k1. Repeat on the back side of the toe stitches.
Round 2, K.
Round 3 Repeat decreasing. When 8 stitches remain, cut yarn leaving a long end to join live stitches, pull tight and bury end.

Could that be easier? Where I say about two inches, this is where the foot length can be increased. I have size 7 feet and these slippers are quite stretchy so the finished slipper looks short, but it fits just right.

The size is pretty variable, so for heavens sake, try them on! Gauge isn't as important but stretchiness of the yarn is. I am using merino superwash yarns, here, and they have lots of bounce. The whole slipper takes but 2 hours, so if they are too big, or too small, it becomes evident early on and its is simple to make adjustments. Be brave and knit on!


  1. Thank you for a nice pattern, I love the tab. Might save the idea for xmas gifts. One thing I would do when joining in the round to cable the two stitches that are joined if you know what I mean, so it doesn't stretch so much.

  2. I agree about crossing over (cabling) those two stitches. Would look nicer too.

  3. Cute slippers!
    I bet your hydrangeas are in full bloom. Pictures?

  4. I love them. We make a similar slipper in my family called Mrs. Biederman Slippers, no directions either, but your toe is so much better. I'll have to knit up a pair of these and then see if I can merge the patterns in some way. I like your treatment of the back of the heel and the use of double pointed needles for the toe. Mrs. Biederman's slippers are knitted flat and then seamed and I've always hated that as I don't like to have to work in the ends. The toes of your slippers look very snug, like mittens for your feet.

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