Saturday, October 13, 2018

Happy Days!

We've been busy readying the house for our guests, Dave's sister Carol and her hubby Dan. This cleanup took days, but was so worth it. I got the kitchen organized in such a good way that it has stayed clean for over a week. Amazing. Not counting the floor.
O well.
We had a super fun day with them and at the end took this selfie, including Tony's better side.
Then because the house was still clean I invited my friend Patsy, a Knit Wit, and my BFF over and we played with paint and paper. We made our own envelopes and note cards using the Gelli plate and stamps and acrylic paints.
 We dinked around quite a bit first until we got the sizes down and then really began to crank out the beauties. I learned the folding method from this video.

I had some painted papers to start, which take the most time, so we had a lot of material at the ready. Patsy brought her paper cutter which was so important to make the right size envelopes from the large sheets we had painted. We ended up using 9" for the envelopes and folded them in near rectangles, ala the video. Then fit the cards to match or coordinate with the envelopes. Lots of wonderful scraps resulted and I will use those for collage.

What a wonderful day. And there is knitting and new yarns to share. Stay tuned.


  1. Just what the doctor ordered I should imagine, family to stay and playtime with friends!