Monday, October 22, 2018

Weekend Works

Now that my days include collage I am spending half of my waking hours in the west facing studio, and when it gets too sunny and hot, I retreat to the east facing bedroom where I knit for the rest of the day. A super schedule for continuous creating methinks. Housework can wait.
This is Four Crosses collage #3, 9x12" on watercolor paper mounted on cradled wood panel. Acrylic paint, stamping, ink, and mono-printed papers. The framed edges are painted to match the front and it is ready to hang. I've made up my mind to just use the materials on hand and that means I have as much as any craft store at my fingertips. Some of my paints have dried up and out they go immediately. So I may have to mix some of my fave colors when I run out.

I like the combination of cut edges and torn edges, with just that little bit of white, plus opaque sections with transparent overlays, using deli-paper.
 I spent a few days painting papers and then adding surface treatments. One never knows where this will lead, which is half the fun.
Either collage is available for $100, free shipping. Email me.

 This is Fresh Squeezed collage #4. 12x12" Painted, mono-printed and stamped papers, on painted and stamped gallery wrapped canvas. Now that I have finally put a hanger on the wall, and aimed my LED lamp at the artwork, I am able to get more realistic colors. Hurray!


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