Saturday, November 24, 2018

Almost stayed home...

 ...on Black Friday, but at the last minute I went to Michael's for 70% off of some beads. Turns out that I have fallen into jewelry and can't get out. I blame it all on Prue Leith, of the British Baking Show, who wears the most amazing clothes and jewelry. 
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 It started innocently, with a few paper beads. I used my collage papers to make them. Like eating potato chips, one cannot stop as long as there is pretty paper to cut and roll.
 Then I had to have something to connect them and string them and bargains added to the mix. I still haven't got them strung, but that will be today.
Before the beads invaded, I made a new collage. Citrus collage #2, 9x12", watercolor paper mounted on wood panel with monoprinting, stamping, ink, and crayon. $100 Email me.


  1. I so enjoyed your jewelry post today. I had to have a bilateral mastectomy a couple of weeks ago due to breast cancer (caught very early). I have been planning on having implants, but after a surgery complication that landed me back in the hospital for a few extra days, I'm now thinking I'm sick of more procedures and I'll probably go flat. I've been pinning lots of fashion ideas (no darts in tops!) and statement necklaces to make me feel feminine without breasts. As soon as I can use my arms more, I plan to start sewing some fun clothes and make some really fun jewelry. Thanks for the inspiration!