Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cardivest and Blue Collage #3

 Mimi's cardivest, actually, I think it is for her sister-in-law. Made from Araucania merino and Souk 55% silk and 45% wool. Mother of pearl buttons.
 Blue Collage #3, painted and monoprinted papers, stamping, crayon and ink drawing, 10x10". $100 Email me.

An amazing thing has happened while I have been making these collages daily. I have been feeling more normal, happier, confident, arty, and peace-filled. Those of you who have been praying for us, it's working! Seriously. Thanks so much.


  1. Having that zone to get away to when you do art makes all the difference, doesn't it! I'm loving the collages. Have you tried printing on fabric to use for collage? I just did that for four days at Art Quilt Tahoe, with Deborah Fell. We then used acrylic medium and machine stitching to collage the printed fabric. Very freeing, not having to deal with dyeing.

    1. Yes I have printed on fabric and then used them for quilts. Fused of course. Isnt AQT great? Love the food too.

  2. Beautiful work - both cardi and collage! I often think of you and miss the fact that I can't invite you to teach for us. Best wishes always.

  3. I have been thinking about you, miss you. I have followed you for probably 12 years, I feel like I know you, we have the same hobby’s. Donna