Saturday, November 17, 2018

Citrus Collage #1

 Citrus Collage #1, 9x12", painted papers, monoprinting, stamping, drawing, crayon, ink, scraffito, mounted on wood panel. $100 Email me.

Orange, lemon, lime, pink grapefruit: such yummy colors. One can't help feeling joyous combining them. 
Speaking of joyous, Dave has had a very good few days and yesterday we cleared out the dead stuff from the garden, raked the leaves off the back porch, including the gutters and had a great evening watching Netflix together. 
Earlier in the week I received my second shingles vaccine and while the first one was easy, the second one months later was debilitating. I stayed in bed a whole day. I am fine again, thank heaven and glad I won't be having shingles ever again. Or that shot.
It has gotten cold, just in time for Thanksgiving and we are sharing it with my sister and niece. I am grateful to have them five minutes from home.

I am making Turkey Lasagna again. It's not really lasagna, just stuffing layered with turkey or vice versa. It can all be made ahead, keeping the fuss to a minimum on Thanksgiving day. Brooke, my sister is making roasted root veggies, and there will be sweet potatoes from my garden, which I never thought I would ever get to say. I am definitely living my dream life.


  1. Oh, yeah! Truly joyous! And such good news about Dave, the garden, the family holiday and good food. Thanks for the uplift! I fondly remember sitting behind you and Laura Wasilowski at meetings of the North Suburban Embroiderer's Guild, eavesdropping on your conversations. You were working on your master's degree in Fine Art, and being told by your teachers that you needed to move beyond your cheerful palette. Nevertheless, you persisted. I've absorbed a lot of good vibes over the many years since then as you've posted piece after piece in your glorious palette. I'm so glad you stayed YOUR course.

  2. I'm loving these cheerful mixed media works you're producing now and I'm so glad to hear that you and Dave were able to enjoy some work and relaxing together. (My brother has Parkinson's and I really appreciate how you share your experience with us.) You're the fourth person who has said that the second shingle second shot is a doozy. I hope to get mine this weekend when I can collapse for a while (the vaccine is in short supply around here.) But I had a very minor case a year or so ago which was enough to convince me to do practically anything not to get a serious case!

  3. Pleased to hear that Dave has been able to enjoy good days. Shame about your reaction to the second shingles shot but it does prevent an attack.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving nad so happy to read that you are living your dream life Melody.