Monday, January 7, 2019


Most of the beads I am showing today I made before I got sick. I spent a few days in a fog but now the sun shines on my head and I can breathe again, HURRAY! So here are the latest things that I have been designing. 

Canework is something I was fearful of trying, but gathered my courage and followed the tutorials to make this work.  One needs an extruder gun for this technique, altho I have also seen hand rolled tubes that will make lovely canes, and I'll be trying those next. For this cane veneer I covered the aluminum foil shape to make it lighter in weight. Smaller polymer beads were made to match the colors in the cane.
$25 +$4 shipping. Email me.
 Using the same cane, but in a medallion form, with the same made to match beads.

 $25+ $4. SOLD

 One Red Bead. The big beads (formed over foil) sampler necklace, with discs, braided bead, tubular, knots, and various wrinkle beads. I love these samplers, which are what got me going with polymer clay in the beginning.  $25 +$4 shipping.

Red Spirals.  The spiral bead have an applied slot on the back for stringing, and then red double penny spacers connect the shapes.

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  1. LOVE your canework!!!! Just beautiful & my fav colors! Are you using any type sealer with your beads? Glad you are feeling better.