Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Flying Geese Star

 For my Tuesday quilters I like to teach a basic block, like 4 patch, 9 patch, hourglass, Delectable Mountains, etc. This time we did flying geese blocks and then used them to make a star block. 
This sort of thing is all over the internet, so nothing really new here, but I am posting it, because all the info on this will then be in one place for my quilters. This recipe makes 'in the neighborhood' of a 6.5"block. 

 The Parts: 4.5" square for the background,  3.75" square for the center of the star, four 2.5" squares for the geese, or triangles, and four 2" squares to fill in the background.

 Place two squares on the big square and draw a diagonal line through them, sewing 1/4" seams on either side. 

 Cut on the line and press open thusly.

 Place the remaining two 2.5" squares on the point of those pieces and mark a diagonal line across, sewing 1/4" seams along both sides.

 Cut along that line and press open. Voila. Four matching flying geese blocks. But wait, there's more!

 Sew two of the geese blocks to the 3.75" square. The remaining geese get a 2" square sewn on either side. 

 Sew the combined geese and little squares onto the sides of the block, nesting seams. Press open.

 There she is. A nice star, no waste, and points remaining. Phew! I used my cut scraps bin for this block, and only had to adjust (trim down) one 4 inch square scrap to make the 3.75" square.
In the future I will use up those scrap bits by making flying geese and stars and eventually have enough for a top. Nice.


  1. what a cool way to make flying geese! I always paper piece them, but for block making this is really nifty!

  2. I love the calico with the Kaffe Fassett and the batik!

  3. My fav star and a great starter project! AND She shines in any fabric!

  4. Sweet. Thanks for the tutorial.

    I need to dig out my "Taking the Math Out of Quilting" and see if this is mentioned in there at all. Mostly because I'd like the formulas for making blocks bigger or smaller than 6.5".

  5. Here's a handy chart for various sizes of larger flying geese:

  6. Great tutorial, as I'm drowning in scraps I'm going to make myself a nice scrappy quilt.

  7. I've never made flying geese this way! A (nother) new block method to try.