Saturday, February 8, 2020

quilts and snow

 Since I have been studying alternate Quilt as you go methods, I felt it was time to use the latest one in a real quilt. This Rail Fence Star was already on the finished-piecing pile and wasn't too big, (54x72") so I chose to begin with it and enlisted the aid of the Tuesday quilters. We had not planned ahead, so we unpicked the seams to quilt it in sections, using the no-backing method, just quilting through the top and batting, and then sewing the panels together and finally adding the backing and quilting stitch in the ditch between the blocks sections.
 This view shows the quilting, straight line, and with this method we didn't even use a walking foot. NO pleats resulted. Yay! The very last vertical seam on the left shows the join between quilted sections. 
 Then the backing was added and the quilting was simple, between each of the 9 sections of each of the 12 big blocks. Binding as usual. Of course more quilting could be added, but it really won't make much difference to the wear of this piece. It feels scrumptious and cuddly, just as it should.
 The Thursday quilters had a bye-week and missed a meeting because two members were in Japan! But the remaining three of us resumed and sewed these gorgeous batik half square triangles together. These panels will next be quilted individually and assembled for another qayg finished product. 57x76"

Weather is the big story today. Big fat snow globs have been falling since 7am and we have about 4 inches so far. 

 From the front porch. standing inside, of course.

 A big snow laden tree in our side yard. Such a sight. Not three days ago, we had massive amounts of rain and lots in our vicinity were lakes for several hours. This kind of snow is rare here, and will no doubt melt soon. I am staying home, happily just watching and knitting.


  1. love love love the tree photo....... the quilt is nice too.....

  2. Your quilts are always so wonderful and full of color. We had plenty of rain as well along Keith some flooding in Alabama as well, no snow though in my area just in the northern tip. Stay warm.

  3. I love snow photos! Indoors is the best place to be though especially if you have to trudge through all the melting snow.

  4. Your colorful quilts are such a contrast to the grey snow photos. How nice to simply stay home and let the day unfold. Here in Boulder we had 10" of snow last night and everything proceeds as normal --except for the University, which for some reason has a two hour delayed start. I guess it's harder for college age kids to get out than for the younger ones? Well, go figure. Anyway, it is nice and sunny here though it's only 17 degrees. Your QAYG projects makes me want to try one myself.

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