Saturday, August 15, 2020

Unhung Artwork

I'm cleaning out closets and trying to decide what goes and what gets moved to the new house. I really, really don't want to keep holding on to stuff that is no longer 'sparking joy' or useful or necessary or whatever. I am not very sentimental, and Dave on the other hand is way over-sentimental so I must decide without his influence or nothing would ever get tossed. Early today, before light, I took a carload of stuff to Goodwill. Some of it was artwork, not worth mentioning, and lots of it was clothing that either doesn't fit or doesn't fit my actual lifestyle. Before Covid I would occasionally stay in my pjs while working or creating and then shower and dress. Since Covid I have stayed in nightwear continually unless I have to grocery shop or go to church. And nightwear means short and tees shirts, indistinguishable from regular clothes.
My closet is now greatly condensed, but still jam packed, so there may be another attempt at limiting what i keep. 
In the bottom of the closet, untouched since we moved here, are artworks from mostly 1981. Arrgghhh. Not hung in the last three houses and stored in the garage attic of the first Tennessee house. Dusty and faded in some cases. What do I do with this stuff????

 House in St. Augustine
Watercolor, 18x24, matted and framed. The whites are muddy yellow now, so the whole thing has an antique look. Possibly not archival watercolor paper, but I was a student and this is from student days.

Dave in bed. Pastel, 18x24". The top version is enhanced by the computer but it really looks like the second version, dull and dusty. 

Same with this pastel painting. 18x24" And really, why would I want to hang this in my home?

Nasturtiums, watercolor, 18x24". I was not so careful about making these flowers look right, and it has always bothered me. Calling this impressionistic, is a lie. Lazy drawing is more like it. However it remains fresher looking and may be a more recent piece, like maybe 2005. Can't recall where we lived when I painted it, but it was after school by a long shot.

 Yellow Hat, watercolor, 18x24". It has come loose from the matting and while nicely painted, it is still of a student grade, hastily done for class assignment, not suitable for home hanging.

 Cyclamen, watercolor, 18x24". I still kinda like this one, but only this one detail.
I was not very good with watercolor, mostly because it is immediate and if you fuss with it, you can so easily destroy the spontaneity and kill it. Whereas with oil paint, it is so much more forgiving and goof proof. 
And now that I use so much more acrylic, I really can do things never considered in art school. 

So back to the question...what do I do with this stuff? I am thinking of de-framing them all, and just saving the paper in a big flat box that holds lots of drawings from this era. The frames and mats can go to Goodwill. I won't be using them ever, as I prefer mounting artwork on wood panels now, something I can do myself rather than taking it to a framer.


  1. Letting go is so hard. The way I make myself look at it is what is the person cleaning out my house after I'm gone going to do with this..and then usually I can let go and 3 weeks later can't even remember what it was. Letting go is freedom.

  2. I am with you, great minds think alike!

  3. I would list them for sale on ebay. I think they are all nice pieces of art! You are so talented, Melody.

  4. And if there are no takers on ebay then plan II is to let them go as you described.

  5. I finally took all the old family pictures (most in cheap Woolworth frames) and stored them flat in folders. I tried to write on the back who they were. Don't know why I am doing that.... no family to leave them to. All the frames went to the thrift stores. I kind of feel the same about some of my very first quilts. Keep plugging away at it but don't wear yourself out!

  6. Melody, I've subscribed to your post for maybe 4-5 years, perhaps more. Your latest post was a very poorly disguised sales pitch. I'm unsubscribing for that reason. Good luck with your move and the rest of your years.

    1. Apparently you haven't paid attention. Mel often uses her blog to make her work available to her friends and fans. I personally own many of her quilts and paintings. Ok, I actually KNOW her but much of what I have purchased was first seen in her blog. I'm pretty sure there's no law against posting items for sale in a blog and at no time has she said she wouldn't....but your choice and your loss because, seriously, no one here is going to miss you.

    2. Terry, I admire Melody’s talents and imagination so beautifully expressed in her creations. I feel so blessed to see her work but I didn’t read anywhere in what she wrote that she was trying to sell anything to her readers. Right now I’m getting rid of 80% of everything I own and I can feel Melody’s pain in disposing of these things that have meant so much to her. That is how I read what Melody has written. I’m just grateful to be able to ee her things and feel like we are all part of her circle of friends and sharing ina sad time. Blessings to you, Teri.

  7. Garage Sale? Or Estate Sale? Frames aren't cheap. Bet when you get started you have plenty that can be sold and what doesn't sell can be donated to any charity that will pick it up.

  8. I personally love those old skinny metal frames and have painted all of my with black flat rustoleum paint and reused them. Just an idea since you already own them.