Sunday, October 11, 2020

Pivoting Stripe Cardivest

Lest you think I just whipped this knit out, I didn't. It was knit in July and I just now got the buttons sewn on and the loose ends buried. This is a new design which I drew up and hoped it would work. 

My aim was to just cast on a few stitches (15, I think) and knit them in a stripe, then turn the corner with a mitered square, and continue the stripe to form a frame. From that frame, stitches are picked up along the inside of the stripe and the center part is knit. Later more stitches are picked up along side the bottom edge of the strip and knit until the desired width and length are achieved. 


More mitering is done to make the bib part of the front. And again in the center back. 
The yarns are Filatura di Crosa, Zara merino. The measurements are 42" at the bust and 44" at the hip. The length (lying flat ) measures 24" but of course will lengthen with wear. I am offering it for $110, including shipping. Email me at fibermania at gmail dot com.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is such a beautiful cardivest! It is such a lovely pattern and I love the colours of yarn you used. It looks comfy to wear and so very stylish.