Monday, April 19, 2021

 Hurray!! Help has arrived. They were supposed to show up Tuesday but came on Friday. Can't complain because they did the job and made me so happy. 
The job, part one was to fit the metal edging around the driveway peony bed. 
Part two, fill the holes left from moving the peonies. One could easily fall into those holes and break an ankle. 
  Part three, amend the soil, get rid of the Houttuynia cordata and clear the debris from the north side of the house, the site of my shade garden. This would have taken me all day, and yet they were done in 45 minutes. So thankful! There is nothing so delicious as an empty bed of dirt, with plants at the ready to fill it. That will be my job today, with Dave's help, I hope. Hosta, heuchera, one big brunnera, one big ostrich fern and two flats of impatients. Yay!!

 These are hyacinth beans growing under a trellis on the south side of the house. Watch this space. They will get HUGE. I was first introduced to this plant from a blog reader, who sent me seeds. Wow! Lucky me! Here's an idea of what they can do.

 And our first opening white clematis. Thrilling.


  1. Morning Melody I'm the blogger who sent you the hyacinth beans and I completely forgot about them! Thanks for reminding me I just ordered them to plant along my fence hoping they will cover it.

  2. O Marge!! Thanks for getting my memory back. and especially the beans which I am now watching grow, altho tonight we might get a frost! O NO. Well. I expect them to survive because they are right up against the house, so micro-climate. eeek!

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