Thursday, September 23, 2021

Pumpkin Protectors

The full moon has been so bright the last couple of nights that it inspired me to include it in this quilt. Pumpkins are appearing everywhere all of a sudden, and the cooler temps are being met with enthusiasm, as we all get ready to pull out summer plants from our gardens and replace them with autumn color. My garden didn't produce any pumpkins so I made my own!  Our field has been noisy with flocks of starlings or some other black birds, munching down whatever is out there, and I just love to watch them swarm into the air and then land again. 
This trio of kitties is on patrol, to keep the pumpkins safe from invaders intent on smashing them.

Pumpkin Protectors. Hand dyed cottons and silks, fused, hand embroidered, machine quilted, 14" square.
$100 + $7 shipping,  Email me, fibermania at gmail dot com. SOLD

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  1. I love this piece of art. I zoomed in to enlarge the photo so I could see all the details. There is so much more to appreciate than the small blog photo shows. The hand embroidery, the machine quilting and the little fused details all come together so perfectly. I love the name Pumpkin Protectors it is a quintessential part of the whole concept.