Thursday, October 28, 2021

Aqua Crescent Shawl

 And now for something new and different, at least for me. A crescent shaped shawl with diagonal sweeps of color, including lacy sections. I used lighter weight merino wools, like Silky Merino, Rastita and Cashmerino, along with some of my hand dyed merinos. It was supreme luxury to knit. If you aren't a knitter, it may be hard to understand the feeling of deliciously soft yarns runny through your fingers as you knit. It is a sensation that is like petting a fluffy kitten.

This assymetrical shawl measures 60" long and is 20 deep at the center, which in this case is not actually centered. Available for $60 plus shipping. fibermania at g mail dot com...SOLD

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