Friday, February 23, 2024

Laundry room greenhouse

 Peat pots filled with hosta roots. And a plastic bin with calla corms which had sprouted, so I quickly potted them up, covering the tiny sprouts. A bag of Stella D'Oro roots sits there waiting to be planted in my porch planter, outside.

 These dried out pink Iris, are now showing signs of life at the root end. I have them sitting in a bit of water, and voila, they woke up. Next to them are some more hosta roots just starting to show green.

 I believe these are day lilies, but are they ditch lilies or something nicer? I dug them out of my front garden-bed-to-be, and just plunke them down on a wet corner of my tray. They're enthusiastic, but I am not replanting yet. Or ever. We'll see.

 Three out of four of these Hosta Olive Bailey Langdon look promising. The one root had a sprout but it got knocked off, so I await the possibility that the root will push another sprout up soon. Gardener's have faith...

 Stella D'Oro needs water and soil. I expect to see leetle green sprouts from those peat pots in a few days, Calla lilies. 

 Two out of five Asiatic lilies have sprouts. Not so sure about the other three. 


  1. Wow. That didn't take long. You're ahead of me a I am way behind. I did manage to remove all of the dead marigolds from the bowl and sprinkle it with pansies. There are little green things emerging but I think that is the alyssum that reseeded itself. I was not happy with the marigold variety so did not save any of the seeds. I have others I will try in the garden bed in a few months. I really should buy some iris. I really like them and I planted all of mine in my Mother's front yard.

  2. Your plantings are making progress, they must be happy with the conditions in the laundry.Can't wait to seem them planted and flowering!