Thursday, March 14, 2024

Catching Up

I've been having a bit of a staycation, just being lazy and enjoying the warm Spring sunshine on my front porch. Basking in it while the air is still cool, and storing up Vitamin D, if that is a thing.

In the afternoons, I knit a pair of socks from some really luxurious Zen Yarn Garden sock yarn, merino, cashmere and nylon. If I had purchased this yarn at the store, I would have paid $34.25 for the skein. But nooooo! It came from an estate sale and was pennies instead.  I used a toe up pattern and then finished with a stretchy bind off, which looks better on the foot than pictured here. Because the yarn is hand dyed, the second sock is a different shade, but matching is overrated, I always say. 

I was also working on my new poncho pattern when I ran out of yarn, again. This time tho, I found a fellow knitter on Ravelry who was selling just what I needed and it soon appeared in my mailbox, and I will get back to this project as soon as the weather gets nasty. 
 I've moved out the plants from my laundry room greenhouse but still have my sweet potatoes in water. I will have more than I need of slips to plant and will have to find another gardener who wants to grow these Beauregard beauties. I've grown these before and was amazed at how huge they will get and so abundant. Absolutely no hassle from pests and they love the really hot summer temps. 

 Just this morning I decided to sow some more seeds and prepared my peat pots with potting mix. I am soaking them at the moment and later I will decide what to plant. My lettuce in eggshells are doing great outside and have begun sprouting their second sets of leaves. Today the high will be 80 degrees, a fluke, and then rain like crazy tomorrow, which is just perfect. 
Yesterday I got ambitious and swept the carport and brought out tables and chairs and the plastic rug, to cover the greasespot, common to all driveways. We had lunch and then I read a bit in my loungechair before drifting off to sleep. 

 My friend Patsy and I are making socks with another fancy schmancy yarn from that same estate sale. More cashmere/merino/silk this time. Who would wear socks made from this 'expensive' yarn? We will!


  1. On your feet, no one will notice that slight difference. I also knit socks from the toe up with the magic cast on and with the stretchy bind off. I want to learn to do two socks at the same time so when I am done I have a pair.

    I am planting three sweet potato starts today. They don't look anything like yours and may not grow at all. I think we are past season here. But I will give it a try anyway. Seems winter is already over so I am going to start some tomatoes and flowers. I've got bulbs arriving in a few days: Canna, Calla and Gladiolus.

    The carport is the perfect out door patio space. Maybe on big beautiful glazed ceramic pot for something shade loving?

    Cashmere/merino/silk sounds like the perfect sock yarn. Warm but wicking and breathing. Your estate sale score boggles me. I am never that lucky. The best I can do is buy yarn on sale online. All my favorite yarn stores seem to have closed over the years.