Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Caffeine Jumpstart

 I had sworn off coffee since it often kept me awake at night, but I was making a cup for Dave and decided to finish it off with some for myself. An hour later I was so energized that I decided to 'fix' the studio arrangement. Ha! I hate stuff on the floor, which was the catalyst for this change-up. The bins of fabric and patterns were the problem, so I rolled the Alex (IKEA's name, not mine) out of the laundry room and piled the bins on it. This was in lieu of actually getting a storage cabinet*, which I had ordered three weeks ago and has yet to arrive. In the meantime I made a big empty space in the laundry room so that got reorganized too.

I won't take you through all six of my trial and error moves, and just say that this is where I ended up. The tables are against the wall, and each has its own electrical outlet, 😀 no power strips which end up collecting dog hair and threads, if I don't stay committed to sweeping at the end of the day. The remarkable thing, at least to me, is that this destroys all Feng Shui dictums. One must never have one's back to the door opening, lest an invader sneaks up on one. Ha! 
You can see me blogging in the mirror here, toes exposed. I had to find room for my red recliner, which takes up a great deal of space and is totally necessary for my frequent breaks and doing 'thinking and research' on Pinterest. That red stool is already outta here, as it is unnecessary. Under the table is a big space for stuff, but visually annoying. I have the waste bin, and another bin of dry dog food, topped with my radio which has bluetooth and allows for listening to podcasts while I work. 
 Next to the serger table are two rolling drawer units with thread and sewing accessories. There is a large space for the dog's sleeping rug and puppy pad, as he drinks and pees in sequence. And of course he has his food and water tray here too. We must make accomodations.

 And the final spot for the recliner. I have since moved the side table to the other side and the mirror is not there either. I can now open the laundry room door without hitting anything. And I've attached a heavy duty Command hook to both sides of the door to hold work in progress, or freshly ironed clothes out of the dryer. By the way, before the sewing room got back to being one, I had to drag out my ironing board if I needed to iron my shirts. Now that I have my table with its full coverage pad, I have neatly ironed clothes again. I sewed all afternoon and have to say, no invaders interrupted me.  
*About that ordered storage cabinet...I went to my original online ordering page to cancel the order. They actually gave me multiple choices to explain my return. One was that the item had been recorded as delivered and left on my porch. Yeah right. It had not. But I had paid with Paypal so I was able to cancel the order and feel smug. My credo is not to bring anymore furniture into this house, unless absolutely necessary, and this rearrangement made it clear that I didn't need a storage cabinet. When I am done with my sewing bout, I can wheel the Alex and the bins back into the empty space in the laundry room and tuck it neatly away. Sigh, so happy.


  1. Very nice. I wish I was that organized. I'm not sure whether the back to the door is Feng Shui or just "dead man's hand" but while I prefer to face the door and usually windows in a restaurant my back faces the door in my sewing room too. Desperadoes would have to get through the doggie gauntlet and then break into the house before they could find me in my sewing room. Plenty of time to cower and hide before they arrive. That is a nice setup for sewing. Wish I could do that but my sewing room must also double as a guest room with a twin bed, dresser and highboy, plus triple as an art studio with my watercolor supplies and work space. And a small TV to boot. There's also a tall bookcase with my quilt magazines, sewing books and other books and objects. Oh, and there are two sewing machines set up, a Bernina 830 open arm Record and a vintage Singer 301 in the Art Deco cabinet. There is an Elna grasshopper and a Singer Featherweight in the closet. I think my Bernette embroidery machine and Singer Rocketeer in case is in there too. The Singer Anniversary in case is in the bathroom because the bathroom is big and there was a perfect space for it. I've always wanted a Serger but....

  2. Nancy Olivia Hoffmann/Nancy Olivia DesignsJune 29, 2024 at 8:15 PM

    I am so pleased you are happy. We have to indulge ourselves!

  3. Love your skills with arrangements in your rooms, I've always looked forward to your change arounds. I would love to do something with mine but it's a petty small room, Ive also come to the conclusion that I have way too much fabric!!!

  4. I just got caught up on your latest move etc... I'm happy to see you've found a place that works for you AND help with Dave, hooray! I hope this arrangement works well for all of you for the forseeable future, so you can make whatever you want when the urge strikes!

    Yours in color - Candy Glendening