Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Inspired by Gudrun

Here's my inspiration from the Gudrun Sjoden website. I love the mix of prints, the bib/yoke, the slight gather under the bib and of course the pockets. Just everything but the price, which even on sale is $62 too much for my pocketbook.  

  I made a quick sketch and figured I could use my standard pajama pattern, McCalls 5992, in large, so it would be like a jacket. I drew lines for each section I would be cutting from different prints. I had a set of five fat quarters in black and white, and an additional two yard piece. Here's is the resulting combination.

I added a bias band with extention ties instead of the plain neckline. 

This is the sorta thing that really gets my juices flowing. The process of figuring out how I can achieve something, and then the doing of it, resulting in exactly my style of garment. 


  1. Amazing re-do! Your sewing is very inspiring--love to see the ideas and the results.

  2. I love your mix of fabrics. I'll bet I have some fat quarters and half yards of batiks I could use. They don't have my size so I would also have to draft a pattern. I did not notice it buttons down the front until I saw your version. I like that. I do not like having to pull things on and off over my head. I also like the generous neckline as I do not like things against my neck. I had never heard of this designer. Yes, the clothes are pricey even on sale. I didn't buy clothes for the longest time as I made my own, then after I retired mostly wore shorts and t-shirts and clothes I already had. I can't believe how expensive clothes have become. I will have to start sewing again as I can't afford $100 for one blouse or pair of pants. Plus off the rack never seems to fit right.

  3. I love the garments from Gudrun, always colourful but as you say the price is a drawback.