Monday, September 29, 2014

I've Gone Dotty

 Our trip to IKEA yielded my longed-for dotty duvet. The minute I saw it in the catalog, I knew it had to be mine someday. The curtain and chair fabric was something I already had, made into a twin coverlet, so I undid it and reused it for the window and the faked chair cover. I don't have enough to really cover it so I will keep my eyes open for another fabric in the same vein.
 Tony feels he must be included in this post, as he presides over his spot in the bed. Ah! Spot! Eek.
I enjoy reading at night and find this the perfect spot to peruse my fave Pinterest images in the mornings too. Of course I have red glasses and a glass of red at the ready. Can't have too many puns, can we?
 We are practicing our cute doggie poses.

 This one hits the spot.


  1. Love it! I miss IKEA but we're getting one in Las Vegas on the near future. Now we need some Melody art on the walls. I can't wait to see what you choose! IN the near future. IPad won't let me correct! Jeez.

  2. Melody I just love the colour. I've seen very smart chairs with back and seat cushions in one fabric and another completing the piece... Just a thought.

  3. Love it! And I find it interesting that - even though I seem to recall you weren't fond of the beige walls at first - they seem to be going with all the different decors you have introduced so far. Nice!

  4. Hi, Tony. Good to see you again. And great to get the house and garden news again. Missed it mucho!