Monday, September 29, 2014

Salon de Artistes

 In my ongoing crusade to get the right furniture arrangement, I have cleared up some space in my studio upstairs for a Salon de Artistes. That means I can have my quilting friends over for an evening of arty-talk, arty-noshing, and even artier show and tell. I have plenty more chairs around the house that I could add, but we'll do that only when necessary.

Here's my sewing corner, tucked in next to staircase. Since I mostly make small works, I don't need to have a lot of space around my machine. 
My fused fabric is in the red chest, and the scraps reside in that lovely drawer unit. I even have my serger and stereo at my right hand.
I'm waiting for Dave to bring up the heavy tv so I can knit and watch a bit of Netflix, of an evening.

 I'll be dealing with this clutter today. Argghhh.


  1. So tidy!
    What's your floor made of? I am looking for something like that...

  2. And to make it even better, please call it "Salon des Artistes", pronounced "salon des zartistes." This is one of my pet-peeves with foreign names given to quilts and other art: they are usually wrong! People have really unusual ways to mangle my native language beyond recognition and I wish they would check with someone who knows French before baptizing their quilts. It doesn't look good especially when those works of art are exposed in Houston or other places with a large traffic from international visitors. Annick
    Thank you for letting me rent! Besides that, I truly envy your beautiful and CLEAN place and hope you will have wonderful gatherings with your like-minded art friends. I was happy to see your latest exhibit was a great success and enjoyed the video too. I am glad also you went back to quilts and left the paper behind.

    1. Anonymous you can "rent" all you want, but the word you meant is "rant". LOL!!!!! I guess we all say things wrong whether it is written down or spoken. Even people who are American and speak and write English don't always spell correctly or use the correct word when speaking. We are human, so I suppose we all mangle languages whether it's our native tongue or not. I saw a quilt at a quilt show that all kinds of words embroidered on it in English and one of those words was misspelled, they forgot a letter in the word! Oops.

      Melody, I love your space. Now all you need are some of your gorgeous quilts to hang on the walls.

  3. Well I'm no "artiste" but it would be fun to come over to your salon and talk all things quilty. :)

  4. Looks great! What time do you want me to be there?

  5. The clutter looks like the fun part! If I walked in that's the first place I'd check out.

  6. I love how you make your houses and their decor suit you. You love your "bad doggies" and find ways to live with them. You like your friends to come visit and you make room for them. Dave needs to get his meds in the middle of the night so you find a way to make that easier on both of you. It's inspiring to see how you are constantly fine-tuning to make your possessions support the type of life you want. I love being an observer and learn a lot from your example! As much as I enjoy seeing your artistic process and work, I also enjoy see you apply your creativity to the home front. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hello Melody, you can call your studio anything you want, it's yours! I didn't realise how much I enjoyed your tales of home and friends and garden until you stopped it. I also love your paper work, your fabric art, knitting and anything else you do. Have a great rest of the week.