Monday, October 13, 2014

A Third Tunic


I purchased this fabric and had it in my stash for years. It is hand dye-painted and the base fabric is Pimatex cotton, a very tightly woven poplin cotton. The crispness of the fabric works to keep the dyes in place, even tho they were thickened with sodium alginate. I could never figure out how I wanted to put it into a quilt, so it sat there on the shelf, until yesterday, when I decided to try and make it into another tunic. There wasn't the required 2.5 yards, so I had to use another fabric for the facings, which worked out just fine. The design on the original piece was a bull eye. Careful laying out of the pattern and seaming the back pieces gave me the diagonally striped effect.


Buttons and pockets are next.
 The pugs, my companions in the studio, are fascinated with the new free standing floor mirror.
Tony, the sheriff, likes to keep an eye on the road, and who might be invading his kingdom.