Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Arty Girls Party

The Usual Suspects
October 11, 2014, a day that will live in art history, at least in Chattanooga. The Arty Girls meet at Mary's new loft to celebrate her great day.
Pictured left to right:
Margo, Audrey, Marcia, Vista, Mary, Kathy, Joan and not pictured Melody. Veronica was unable to attend, and George Clooney was on his stupid honeymoon.

A wee bit of show and tell, Audrey's wonderful new work and one of Mary's which we all love too.

The living room is huge and will be Mary's studio space, all of it! We all think this makes perfect sense. Nowadays we don't expect to entertain formally, so why have a formal living space? Friends and family all gather where the fun is happening and that is in the studio.


  1. That good lookin' group of ladies look like they are just waiting to get in trouble - even fiber nor thread will be safe!! So glad you have a crew to hang out with!!!

  2. What a wonderful space! Hope you Arty Girls have lots of fun there!

  3. Love the quilts shown and I'm sure you'll all have lots of happy times. What a huge space to use for a studio - we all should have one!!!

  4. That stinkin' can't ever count on him!!! Looks like a blast!!! Cheers!!!

  5. Sorry to hear that George is still on vaca..... but you don't need him, this loft is serious wonderful and to think a whole life style goes with it! Pioneer Woman has a brick painted ad in her new "office" in town, so it must be the in thing. Granted I would not put up with 15 months of remodeling dust for plank and chest called an office. I digress, the quilts are great and the company looks fun. Great way to start this week.