Monday, November 24, 2014

More Cowls

This is a shortie cowl, knit in seed stitch, not meant to double as the circumference is only 31" but it will drape nicely at the neck. It is knit from my hand dyed merino sock weight yarn, and is machine washable, as if you would ever need to toss it into the washer. It is lighter in weight and wearable indoors too, or in warmer conditions.
I knit it some time ago and never had an occasion to wear it when I lived in the boonies, so it sat folded up in my drawer of finished objects. 
 I tried to blend the different colors as I knit them, and some work better than others. But it should go with anything bright or dark in one's wardrobe. $24.00 Email me SOLD

I have been knitting a cowl for my sister Brooke, whose birthday was on the 20th. But I didn't get the request until the 19th, so I am just now delivering it to her today. I used 8 different wools. It is a bit larger than the others at 68" around. But she says it is freezing at work and she needs something warm around her neck and shoulders. This oughta do it.