Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thank Dave Day

 Now that golf has slowed down to a day or two a week, Dave has time on his hands and is ready to tackle a few house projects.
Yesterday I asked him to 'help me' hang some lights in my studio storage space. I had one bare 60 watt bulb in there and couldn't tell what was where, or what color it was. Now we have two BRIGHT shop lights hanging from the rafters and it has all become clear to me...I have some work to do!

I have some art stuff overflow here, while another wire shelving unit of paint supplies is already cluttering up the studio, and of course the cold storage of this room is perfect for my yarn. Eek!
But if you can't find it, how can you use it? Now I can see where it all hides and I am ready.
There is a table under that pile...and under the table an overflow of Kona cottons, frames for future paintings and a sewing machine!

 The really wonderful thing is that Dave has been cleaning the kitchen while I am out gallivanting and clearing the huge floors of our dog hair carpet! Sigh...such a super husband. To repay his kindness I am making him cakes regularly. Carrot cake first and then German Chocolate yesterday. I used Brazil nuts and coconut in the frosting and it was delicious.

 He just recently stained all the cedar trim on our house and had stain leftover, so he sanded and restained our bench. It looks brand new again!
I am one lucky wife.


  1. I sure could use Dave at my house! If you ever run out of things for him to do would you loan him to me for a few weeks? LOL!!

    Nice storage. I have a four bedroom house so one of the bedrooms is for my fabric stash. So nice to go shopping in my pajamas!

  2. Just when I was feeling pretty low about my fabic and yarn and craft glut you come along with something to make me feel better! It's all relative, right? Thanks for sharing what you're up to and how you organize things so well.

  3. Aw, so sweet - a great hubby is such a blessing. Scott calls himself a qubby bc he supports my quilting hobby. :) And this year I am going to Texas to see daughter #1 while he stays home and cooks the turkey. Happy thanksgiving to you and Dave!