Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cotton Candy

 Cotton Candy
Hand dyed cottons, machine pieced and machine quilted. 12.5x13.25" $100 Email Me.
 Yes, it is a pieced quilt, not fused. I thought I would make some pieced work in the new studio just to try it out for functionality. Works great!
Something else new...I have finally decided to try out the Command Picture Hanging Strips. They are sticky backed Velcro and work just like we'd expect. One side sticks to the artwork and the other side sticks to wall, and is removable with no damage to the painted wall. They come in various sizes depending on the weight of the artwork. The round velcro dot is not part of the deal. It is something that I had in my sewing notions, and it comes in sets with the loops on one dot and the hooks on the other. I am using them on the back of Cotton Candy, picture below.
I used them here for two small canvas paintings.
And then I used them for hanging this wonderful quilt by artist Mary Keasler, Hydrangeas.

Mary made a rod pocket and a wooden slat to hang it but I thought I would just stick the strips at the top and on the wall and VOILA! it hangs perfectly flat against the wall.

 Here's the velcro dot at the top corner of Cotton Candy. I can place the removable Hanging Strip on  the wall and then stick the dot onto it. It doesn't matter if the dot is loops or hooks, either work.
Isn't that a quick and easy solution to hanging small quilts? And no rod pocket to sew on!!! Yeah, baby.
A set of hanging strips is included in the purchase of this quilt.


  1. Well, I like the velcro idea a lot! I have a mounted hand-dyed fabric that I finished and mounted to plexiglass using one of your tutorials, but the piece tends to sag. So I used pieces of tack to try and reinforce it so it would hang better, but eventually the fabric un-stuck from the tack. Since I have some adhesive velcro dots, I'm thinking it would be good to give them a try... thanks!

  2. These Command Strips sound to be a good idea! I think we have them in some stores over here so I should call in over the weekend.