Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm Baaaaaack

My blogging routine has gotten disrupted by early doggie and garden demands. By the time I have finished feeding and watering and the consquential showering, I am off on another task for my day, leaving the blog unattended.
Today I asked Dave to water... But on the other hand, I have already been to the Emissions Testing station (7 am) and finally got my car to pass the test, hurray! in time for the required sticker. Doesn't sound like a big deal but I have been trying to get this done for a month, with one failure and a large repair bill in the middle. Now I can rest easy, knowing I am in compliance and won't get ticketed.
OK So here's what has been  happening at Casa Johnson

We are harvesting tons of tomatoes and green beans everyday. I am giving them away as I pick.

 The tomatoes have grown out of their cages and we are supporting them on chairs, but of course they grow right down to the ground. The green beans have to be picked twice a day to keep up, and consequently I am way behind and they are getting really lumpy with seeds. O well. I have no more room in my refrigerator. So I am making friends with my neighbors, leaving bags on their doorsteps.
 It's my first year with zinnias and it won't be my last. I have been rewarded with lots of flowers, really little in the way of maintenance and lots of colors. woowoo! Also mentioned: the lobelia, rescue plants!

My fig bed wins  Best of the Yard honors, with tons of flowers and fig trees loaded with fruit. Yay!!

 A close second is the Japanese garden aka Koi Pond garden. There isn't a square inch available for anything in this bed.

 And today the Stargazer lilies opened. O happy day!

I've had mixed results with the Proving Ground bed. 47 feet of ups and downs. I am focusing on the ups, and learning what works and what not to bother with. I vote for more zinnias next year, as well as begonias and cosmos. The coneflowers are great too. Pink and yellow and white.

 I just finished and sent off this last jacket to Maureen in New Zealand where it is now winter.

The studio remains PERFECTION and I have acquired a new chair and ottoman from my pal Mary's estate sale. It is well loved and just right for my studio tv watching/knitting spot.
I can't seem to motivate to make something much fun stuff going on with the girlfriends and the remodeling and arranging furniture over and over again.
Now it seems we have finished a lot of what kept me hopping and that even includes having 15 pieces in a the Blue Ridge Art Center show in Blue Ridge GA.

 After thinking about all the stuff that has been going on here lately, I am ready for a morning nap!
And what a nice cool room to have it in. 
If I get back to work soon, I'll post the results here. I promise.


  1. Your gardens are lovely. Don't you just love how in early spring it is all flat and dirt and pow the green luscious growth takes over into the explosion of color and food. Love it you must really enjoy your backyard.

  2. Sounds like you have been having a great time with all your projects... gorgeous yard, as usual! Great way to make friends with the neighbors... they must love you! Thanks for the heads-up on Zinnias... have not tried these yet, but I'm ready to add some more color to the yard, so will give them a try. Happy Summer!

  3. Thanks for posting Melody. It's great to see what "creative you" has been up to. Love the garden, the studio and the last sweater. Keep us in the loop. Judith

  4. You've turned into "that" neighbour, eh? At least you don't seem to have any zucchini/summer squash ;-)
    Your yard is looking great, especially when I think back to what lies underneath it. The raised beds are so lush!

  5. The garden is fantastic. Did you have any idea that it would be so prolific this early in the season? I sure miss having a place to grow tomatoes. After all that work you have such a lovely relaxing bedroom and studio. Enjoy every minute.

  6. What an abundance of flowers and vegetables, your garden is looking lovely and colourful. My jacket shouldn't be too far away now.

  7. Yum,lovely tomatoes and green beans....I'd be happy to have some left on my doorstep. Beautiful gardens! Julie