Thursday, October 29, 2015

Black, White and Red

The vest pattern was supposedly what I would be sewing next, but in looking for something interesting to make it from, I uncovered this wonderful piece of cotton sateen. I have had this waiting in my stash for lo these many years. It was just too much yardage to use for the vest and I decided I could make one more shirt. So glad I did.

Turns out that as much as I like color, I really love love love black and white, and yes, RED.
I could be happy with just those colors in my wardrobe. So easy to mix and decide what goes with what. Perhaps I can keep going in this direction for a bit longer. A vest in black perhaps?


  1. Every time you make a shirt, I think, "That one is my favorite!" then you make another one and it's my favorite!


  2. You are really on a tear. Oh, how I envy you your mild winters, sigh.

  3. Stunning top! What yummy fabric!

  4. I love this colour combination. I follow Margy at - her entire wardrobe is black, white, red and grey. Must make getting dressed super easy!